#bruckner24 – Die Nullte

ANTON BRUCKNER Sinfonie in d-moll »Nullte« | 1869

Bruckner Orchester Linz | Markus Poschner

Anton Bruckner Symphony #0

#bruckner24 – ein gemeinsamen Projekt von Bruckner Orchester Linz, Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien und dem Label Capriccio unter der Leitung von Markus Poschner, das bis 2024 alle Sinfonien Anton Bruckners in allen Fassungen vorlegen wird.
Bruckner Symphony #0 – erschienen im Februar 2022


Bruckners Nullte, keine Nullnummer

Rating: 4.0

»Poschner and the Bruckner Orchestra Linz remain true to their chosen path and deliver a fresh und bright interpretation.«

Uwe Krusch

»This interpretation is wonderfully detailed, thoughtfully chamber-musical and, despite the brisk pace, very lyrical – this above all because of the clear, nuanced and warm orchestral sound.«

Guy Engels | Pizzicato | 04.02.2022

Ungültig, aber großartig

»… in einer herausragenden Interpretation.«

»Dass Bruckner für den Dirigenten ›eine Art Absprungpunkt in eine andere Welt‹ ist, beweist diese Aufnahme eindrucksvoll.«

Kulturabdruck | 17.02.2022

A Thrilling, Epic Quality

»The Bruckner Orchester Linz plays superbly throughout and Markus Poschner’s enthusiasm for this music allows him to reveal details of orchestration that, maybe, were hitherto missed. This is a splendid third volume in Capriccio’s ongoing cycle of the complete Bruckner symphonies, in exciting sound quality and detailed annotations.«

Gerald Fenech | Classical Music Daily | 01.03.2022

Bruckner: Symphony in D minor (Linz/Poschner)

Rating: 4.0

»Fortunately this performance is impeccable, in the safe hands of Markus Poschner, and I look forward to the continuation of the series.«

Michael Tanner | BBC Music Magazine | 17.03.2022

Review: Bruckner Symphony No 0

»Recording quality and playing are both first-class, the woodwinds and brass especially eloquent in quieter passages.«

Gramophone | Issue 04/2022

Video Review: The best of the worst?

»Why, oh why, do we not take Bruckner at his word? He discarded this symphony, and so should we. With that said, you won’t find a more knowing, intelligent performance than this one, from a conductor who clearly understands the work’s problems and does his very best to minimize them.«

David Hurwitz | The Ultimate Classical Music Guide | 26.04.2022