Mahler & Bruckner

»The Bruckner Orchester Linz is the second largest orchestra of Austria, its history spanning 200 years of tradition and excellence. The care and performance of Bruckner and Mahler symphonies is a cornerstone of this tradition. As its ambassadors, it’s not only an honour but also a privilege, to bring our Bruckner to the United Kingdom this spring.«
Markus Poschner, conductor


Symphony No. 2

Opening concert of the International Bruckner Festival | Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 2
Bruckner Orchester Linz | Markus Poschner Conductor

»With the overwhelming performance of Mahler’s second symphony, conductor Markus Poschner worked a veritable miracle.«
Balduin Sulzer, Kronen Zeitung OÖ

»The opening concert of the International Bruckner Festival was devoted to Mahler’s second symphony to which the full house awarded a standing ovation!«
Paul Stepanek, Neues Volksblatt

»The more you venture, the more you will gain! And so this concert turned out to be a triumphant debut for Markus Poschner who received standing ovations!«
Michael Wruss, OÖNachrichten

Symphony No. 8

Ars Electronica Festival | Anton Bruckner Symphony No. 8
Bruckner Orchester Linz | Markus Poschner Conductor

»Is it possible that a concert simply makes one happy? Of course.«
Christian Pichler, Neues Volksblatt

»Poschner’s first stroke turned into seduction; earning standing ovations for him, the orchestra which followed him affectionately, as well as the jazz musicians. An evening like this can confidently be called an awakening.«
Peter Grubmüller, OÖNachrichten

»Overwhelming applause and cheers for a brilliant performance«
Fred Dorfer, Kronen Zeitung OÖ

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